Saturday, February 11, 2006

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hi! It's been ages, I know! It's getting close to Valentine's Day and so, happy Valentine's Day guys!
This picture was taken in a bright sunny day at one of khorramshahr's park .This park is a kind of mini zoo and it's got cages with different animals, mostly birds. These monkeys were really cute. They had fallen asleep in each others arms without paying any attention to the visitors, aren't they really funny!
Without any relevance to the above picture, hug your beloved ones on Valentine's Day and remember and enjoy yourself!

Monday, January 16, 2006

hamoome sahrayee!

This is really a shower, I'm not kidding! Last week we went on a small trip to "OMIDIYE" (In southern Iran) and we went out to take a look around and we saw this. This shower is located on a small farm, in which the owners grow cucumbers, wheat and … & since they got dirty they came up with such an idea. This is how this shower works:
As you see first we have a small tank in which they pour gasoline in it.
Then the gasoline drips and passes through the small pipe to reach the big tank containing water. This will warm up the water.
Finally the warm water will be directed through a small water pipe under the plastic cover and you are ready for a warm shower.

Although this idea is really brilliant, it makes me thank god a hundred times for our own shower!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

SOOBOOR pazoon

Hi guys! I know it's been a long time since I've updated my blog but I was kind of busy these days & fortunately now I'm free once again! I know you missed me but what could I do? J
As I had written before, a very special fish in abadan & Khoramshahr is "SOBOOR". Well last week at my aunt's house we had this delicious meal, so I took some pictures from the different stages of "SOBOOR" making and here they are:
1) First as you see you cut the fish from the ventral part and you fill it with a special kind of filling called "hashoo", then you place them in a special kind of metal net.
2) Next you place the fish in that thing (which I don't know the name) and you leave it until it cooks pretty well.
3) Now you are all set. "BON APETITE"!
Wish you were all here to enjoy it with us, specially the ones who have tasted "SOBOOR" & have missed it.

the winners of game number two

This week's winners (of game number 2) are:
DADDY, TAJALLI and MOHAMMAD. Congratulations, you did it! The picture below was actually one year old Farhad! You were right. Hurray! Now as I had promised before, this is your valuable prize:
This week we will be talking about you & the good memories you have left us ;)
Now all the other visitors should do the same. Anyone who knows daddy, tajal or
mohammad just pick one nice memory & share it with the others. Here goes my memories:
Daddy: I can't just pick one memory so I will just grant this fortunate opportunity and just thank my wonderful father for all he has ever done for me. Thanx dad! I love you!
Tajal: I have A LOT of great memories but ultimately I picked this one: I remember that in Khoramshahr whenever we would gather together to see a movie & all of us couldn't come to an agreement to pick one, tajal would use a special technique: each person had to give each movie a number between 1 to 5 with 1 being the least favorite & 5 the most favorite, then he would add up all the
numbers to see which film/films get the highest mark and so after some time we would finally see our movie. I remember one time after about an hour "ACE VENTURA" got the highest mark but when we wanted to watch it no one was satisfied. Akhey ,taji jaat khaalie!
Mohammad: The best & funniest cousin anyone could have. About 2 years ago me, parastoo, tajal & mohammad went on a trip to kish & since we didn't want to pay extra money for another room we said that mohammad was our uncle! That was a really fun trip.

and special thanks to farhad for his cooperation in not letting out the answer.

Monday, December 26, 2005

work of art !

Now these fine work of art are handmades of two incredibly talented artists: me & Ramin .we made these a couple of weeks ago. It was really fun. After spending a morning on it, this was the result & on the same day we had an invitation of joining a totally professional team for making the "neverhood 3".We are currently thinking about accepting the offer or not.

game number two

Ok guys, last weeks game was a bit easy for a lot of you since you had seen the picture before, so it DOESN'T count and no one will be receiving any prizes. And for the ones who still don't know the answer, the correct answer was candidate number 4:"farokh".Now for this week I have a new picture and if anyone guesses this one right then, that person will really be receiving a valuable prize. I didn't change the candidates for this week so choose between the below 8 people. (Of course I have already asked the right person to not give out the answer : )

Thursday, December 22, 2005

game number one

Now, guys this is a simple game. Take a wild guess! To whom does this cutie's picture belong to?

Ali: 28 years old, is becoming a father in a couple of weeks & is one of our classmates .This photo was taken in kelardasht after a long walk. I guess he's trying to scare someone off!

Tajalli: 28 years old, has recently moved to Adelaide & is my brother in law. This photo was taken in Sydney after a conference. He's quite happy in this shot.

Bavand: 27 years old, has become a great photographer & is another one of my classmates. This shot was taken at "Ando restaurant" for pouya's birthday. Bavand was posing to the camera with pouya's ring.

Farokh: 27 years old, has also become a great photographer & is a great inspirer for my blog. This photo was taken at my custom party 3 years ago, he was dressed as a sweeper and was taking a picture with my feathers. These beautiful feathers were made by "nazanin & Bahaman" and they lend it to me for the party; thanx guys.

Mohammad: 28 years old, has recently moved to Canada & is my cousin. This shot was also taken at the same party & mohammad was dressed as one of the Daltons together with his 3 sisters .And as you see mohammad was "Averil; the tallest Dalton & also the …(just kidding)

Roozbeh: 27 years old, is another one of my cousins. This photo was taken at summer, about two years ago.

Farhad: 28 years old, is another one of my classmates & is also becoming a great photographer. This shot was taken in kelardasht when making "jooje kabab".

Sepehr: 22 years old, my beloved brother. This shot was taken at "Darband " 2 years ago.

So the question is who did this little fellow grow up to be? Write your answers. The winner will be receiving valuable prizes. :)

yesterday came suddenly....

Memories, memories; they're all which will ever stay! It's funny how time passes so quickly. It was just yesterday when parastoo & tajalli were still in Khoramshahr and we would stay at each others place almost every night watching movies; just passing time. I remember when tajal first rented this office & went to order a sign for it. In the beginning each & everyday we would anxiously wait for tajal to come home & the first question would always be: How many patients did you have? Come to think of it, I realize that those were really fun days (although I didn't notice it then).
Well after 5 months which parastoo & tajal have moved from Khoramshahr the "sign" is STILL there :) .So you see even though they have moved from this city they have left us a lot of things to remember them by .By passing this sign, we would sigh and say "yaadesh bekheyr"! I'm sure this sign will not come down so soon, it's interesting to know when & by whom will this sign ever come down. Until then tajal will have to order a new sign " Dr.tajalli sagaei graduated from Adelaide University"!

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